Here at Townsend Farm Quail we only keep Jumbo Japenese Quail. All of our birds are kept in specious pens or sheds with ample shavings for them to dust bath in. None of our birds are kept on wire. Our birds are fed on GM free layers mash supplemented with whole grains and fresh greens.

We keep our birds in 4 sheds. Two of the sheds are split in to 6 pens each and another shed, where we keep 70 layers, is open plan over 2 levels.

All our pens/sheds including the brooders have auto waterers that run off home made header tanks that we only have to fill once a week. These cost a few quid to set up but save so much time its well worth the investment. Most of the feeders are the type that hang on the outside of the cage with the birds putting there birds putting their necks through 1.5 inch x 3 inch mesh. This makes feeding very quick as you don’t have to open every cage up to feed them. The open plan shed has 2 large feeders that only have to be filled twice a week.

All of our pens are mucked out once a week and are then bedded down with nice fresh shavings. Our sheds all have lights fitted with time switches so they can have extra light in the winter months to keep them laying. They also have thermostatically controlled fan heaters in the winter months that keeps the sheds at 12 to 15 degrees which helps keep the hens laying and the water from freezing.

All of the sheds have stable type doors so the main doors can be closed in the winter but a small part can be left open to allow fresh air to circulate. Our biggest shed has an extractor fan to help pull fresh air through in the summer months. This also helps keep the shed cool. The other sheds stay cooler as they arn’t as deep as the biggest shed and have more mesh frontages to them.

Please see the pictures below (click to enlarge) to give you a better idea and feel free to ask any question:

Front view of the open plan laying shed.

Internal view of the open plan laying shed with upper level.

Picture of two header tanks and extractor fan in the big shed.

Side view of the big shed pens with feeders on outside of cage.

The feeders we use that hang on the outside of the pen.