Keeping Coturnix Quail couldn’t be simpler. They can be kept at the bottom on and aviary to pick up spilt seed or in something as simple as a rabbit hutch and just about everything in between. A trio or even quartet of Quail will live quite happily in a standard sized rabbit hutch which are usually around 4 foot by 2 foot. As long as it is protected from the rain and there is somewhere they can get out out of the wind they will be ok. Obviously make sure that any hutch/aviary is cat/fox/rat etc proof. Please see the picture below for an example of the type of hutch that is suitable.

They will want shavings to dust bath in, fresh water and plenty of layers mash and they will be quite content and assuming you have hen birds, will lay you lots of lovely, tasty little eggs. Many people believe that you have to keep a cock to make the hens lay but this is not true. If you want your hens to lay all winter you need to provide your birds with some false light so as they have 15 hours of light a day. This only needs to be a 40 or 60 watt bulb which will also give them some warmth as well. If they are in a hutch it might be an idea to lift it in to a shed or garage in the winter months which will give them more protection from the cold. This can also be achieved by just leaning a piece of board against the hutch.

Quail like a treat of seed, millet spray, meal worms, salad and other greens . They arnt huge lovers of bread though.

Please note that Quail do not do well in wet conditions so if your avairy gets wet in the winter please take them out.

Coturnix Quail are good layers and will lay an egg every day when young and the conditions are right. They are more prodcutive than any modern day laying hen and need nowhere near as much room or food to produce an egg. Be warned though they are addictive and 3 or 4 may lead to many more!

We are always happy to offer advice so please don’t hesiate to call and ask. Call 07850 595569.

Keeping Quail

This was a rabbit hutch that used to stand on legs but but I boarded in the sides and put a front on it to make more living accomadation for the birds. The Quail get up and down via a ramp I made to which I fixed a piece of felt to give them grip. This houses a Quartet of Japenese Quail quite happily. I provide a light for them in the winter and they still lay well. They hutch is sited in a nice protected spot inbetween 2 sheds and so doesn’t get any wind or rain to speak of.