Conturnix Quail for sale and wanted

We always have Jumbo Japenese hens and cocks for sale. We can get other breeds on request. All our point of lay hens (6 weeks old) are £5.00 each but we are happy to offer a discount for a larger quantity. The price of Japenese Cocks is £3.50 each again with a discount for larger quantity’s. Our cocks are sold at 6 weeks of age.

We can supply larger quantity’s of birds, (both hens and cocks, upto 100 birds and even more at certain times of the year) but usually need a couple of weeks to put the order together. We are happy to offer discounts for larger quantitys.

We also supply the pet trade and are happy to deliver in most circumstances. Again price depends on quantity.

We are also happy to provide single cocks if you are after a new bloodlines.

Please call for more info, we are always happy to help!!

We also buy all types of Coturnix Quail, both small and large numbers. Please call or email with what you have for sale and we can make you an offer.

Ex laying Quail

We sometimes have ex laying Quail for sale. These are usually around 12 to 15 months old. If you are interested in some please contact us for a price.