Townsend Farm Quail and Meadowbank Ouessant Sheep

Coturnix Quails

Quail are very easy to keep and tremendously productive little birds laying tasty eggs all year round if kept in the right enviroment. They will lay as many eggs as a any of the modern types of laying hens but with the added benefit of needing no where as much room.

Quail Eggs for sale

Eating eggs are always available for sale. All of our birds are kept in spacious pens with ample bedding to encourage natural behavior such as scratching and dust bathing. Collection is welcome or please contact us for a quote on postage and packaging.

Meadowbank Ouessant Sheep

Ouessant sheep are the smallest naturally occurring sheep in the world. They make fantastic pets because they are naturally very curious little sheep and can therefore be gotten extremely tame and because of their small size they can be kept on very small pieces of land. Ideal for novice sheep keepers too.