Quail fertile hatching eggs

We always have fertile hatching eggs for sale from Jumbo Japenese Quail.

We are constantly hatching eggs ourselves, (see our birds for sale page for young birds) and so we monitor the fertility rate very closely.

Collection in person is welcome or please see below for a quote on postage and packaging.

Fresh eating eggs

We always have eating eggs for sale but for larger order please give us notice so as not to disappoint. All of our birds are kept in spacious pens with ample bedding to encourage natural behaviour such as scratching and dust bathing. They are fed on GM free feed, fresh greens and whole grains to make the yolks extra bright and creamy. None of our birds are kept on wire or in battery cages.

The fresh eggs will only be 2/3 days old when we post or deliver them so they will have a good shelf life when they reach you.

We supply many farm shops, restaurants etc and so trade enquiries are welcome.

Postage and packaging

There are two options available with regards to packaging:

1) Our prefferred method is to pack the eggs in specially made polystyrene Quail egg boxes. This just about guarantees that the eggs arrive in perfect condition
but the boxes are quite expensive to buy and so it does make the p&p somewhat dearer.

2) Our other method is to pack the eggs in normal plastic Quail eggs boxes but wadd them out with cotton wool to avoid then moving about in transit. We then put
them in a box or Jiffy bag, (depending on how many you order) and pack the box/jiffy bag out with either bubblewrap, screwed up paper or polystyrene chips.
This method isnt as good as the poly boxes but it is ok.

I’m sorry but we cannot be held responsible for any damage or poor fertility as there are just too many factors affecting them whilst in transit. We only post on Wednesday’s to avoid the eggs hanging around in sorting offices over the weekend. Please be sure though that the eggs will be very fresh when they leave us.


Please either call 07850 595569 or email jondavies@fsmail.net with the quantity, prefferred method of packing and where they need to be posted to and I will work you out a very speedy quote.

Collection and inspection of our birds is welcome.

Our paypal account is: jondavies@fsmail.net

Thanks for looking, JD